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   How To Set Up Bitcoin Wallet?  


Use one of the links bellow to set up your bitcoin wallet if you don’t already have one:











How To Buy and Sell Bitcoin?

Can I buy and sell Bitcoin from

Yes, you can buy and sell Bitcoin com provided that you are member of Team Build Club or BitMeCoin, we use for calclution.

To purchase Bitcoin:

1- Send the dollar amount you want to purchase by one of 3  payment 

processors bellow per instructions. 

2- Send detail email to admin with your user id and your Bitcoin wallet account.

3- Your Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet account.

To sell Bitcoin:

1- Send the Bitcoin you want to sell to Team Build Club/ BitMeCoin wallet account bellow:




2- Send detail email to admin with your user id and where you want the your dollars

to be sent to you. Please use one of the 3 processors above to receive your funds.

3- Your fund will be sent to you. 

There is 7% fee or minimum $10 whichever is higher charged for the service.

For furthere information and questions please contact admin. 


Here are the payment options to buy and sell Bitcoin and processor to use:

1-  You can send Bitcoin directly to our blockchain address bellow and email your user id with transaction hash id.




Here are how to send US dollar:


First sign up on our website and get your user id, then go to PayPal You must pay as FRIENDS AND FAMILY only NO exceptions. (1- click send and request. 2- choose send to friends and family in US or to friends and family internationally)



Send all messages by email to admin





You can add your user id and any other messages with your payment.

Bluebird can be used in US only here is the email address to fund by Bluebird